There’s a common question among dispensaries in Colorado: which strains make the best cannabis concentrates? The answer depends on what the dispensary and their customers are looking for, but some strains are certainly better than others. One of the best strains for cannabis concentrates is Silver Mountain. It has many desirable qualities that only get better in concentrate form, which makes its extractions extremely valuable to dispensaries. Learn more about this strain and the types of concentrates produced with it to decide if it’s what your dispensary has been missing.

Silver Mountain Strain Origins

Silver Mountain is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Appalachia, which has given this strain some of their unique genetics. Super Silver Haze is known for producing energetic, long-lasting experiences that can be felt throughout the entire body. The uplifting effects helped this strain win first place prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years in 1997, 1998, and 1999. 

Appalachia is another energizing strain. It’s known for filling the entire body with a sense of calm while also delivering uplifting cerebral effects. It’s common among medical marijuana patients and recreational dispensary customers who say it provides the perfect mixture of uplifted perception, increased appetite, and relaxed body. When Bodhi Seeds combined these two strains, the result was something extraordinary in Silver Mountain.

Silver Mountain Smell, Taste, and Appearance

One of the first things people notice about this strain is that it looks and smells heavenly. The buds look almost silver because they’re covered with so many shiny white crystals, hinting at the high cannabinoid content. More importantly, the smell and taste are one of a kind. People report finding notes of a fruit medley that includes citrus and melon, with just a gasoline hint to let you know this strain means business. That aroma is preserved beautifully in the form of premium cannabis concentrates.

Silver Mountain Effects

This strain technically qualifies as a hybrid, but most people say it strikes them as more energetic Sativa. It’s known for delivering boosts of energy and creativity that make it a good daytime strain. Some have described the heightened cerebral state as almost psychedelic, but this strain doesn’t seem to contribute to excessive speediness or anxiety. It makes for euphoric experiences without being too overwhelming. At the same time, people report feeling a sense of physical wellness with this strain.

Why Is Silver Mountain Good for Cannabis Concentrates?

It doesn’t take a cannabis expert to realize that the best strains normally lead to the best concentrates, which is why we’re always looking for a premium flower for our extractions. At the same time, though, some strains stand out from their peers and seem as if they were practically made to be turned into cannabis concentrates. 

Silver Mountain is one such strain. Its effects are incredibly desirable among people who love energizing strains and concentrates to help deliver those effects more efficiently. Furthermore, the sour fruit aroma and flavor lend themselves nicely to concentrates that seem downright juicy. Dispensaries that stock Silver Mountain concentrates will have customers coming back for them again and again.

Cannabis Concentrates for Colorado Dispensaries

Our team at Chronic Creations has mastered the art and science of making cannabis concentrates. When your dispensary needs wax, shatter, live resin, or even THCA diamonds, we can deliver. Contact us today to learn more about our Silver Mountain concentrates and why your customers will love them.