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Shatter and wax became popular not long after legalization in Colorado because of their enhanced potency and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Shatter or wax is the result of using cannabis buds in a closed loop butane extraction system to create a potent extract. Some customers use shatter, wax, and resin synonymously, but each is its own specific type of concentrate. While all of the above is hash oil extracts, shatter both have their own uniquely pleasing appearance characteristics and offer some other benefits as well. Learn more about premium shatter and wax to determine the right concentrate for your dispensary.


The finest waxes and shatters start with the best cannabis. Since concentrates are extractions made from buds, the quality and purity of the flower used will have a direct impact on the end product. A concentrate is a butane hash oil, or BHO, which means makers use butane to extract a concentrated mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes. Even some of the best buds in the world only have THC levels of just over 22 percent, concentrates can achieve much higher levels, typically over 80 percent.

The increased potency is what makes concentrates so desirable, because consumers have to use less, and get much more powerful results. Vaporizing concentrates gives cannabis customers a uniquely intense experience. The butane extracts a purified version of the active ingredients in cannabis. After the process, all remnants of the butane and other contaminants are removed to leave a clean and powerful product. At the end of the process, concentrates are tested to ensure and document potency.

What is Shatter? 

Unique Characteristics of Shatter

Shatter gets its name because of its glassy look and molecular makeup. In other words, it literally shatters. Its brittle nature gives it a pleasing aesthetic appearance like amber, honey, or hard candy. Shatter is different from wax in this way, because wax is softer, and has a buttery look and feel. Because of shatter’s molecular composition, it’s more stable than wax, which gives it a longer shelf life. This makes it easier to keep in stock, even though its hardness requires that it be handled with care.

The popularity of shatter is due to a few of its characteristics. For one, it’s extremely pleasant to look at. Part of cannabis is the visual appeal, and just looking at shatter is exciting. Upon vaporization, shatter hits the lungs hard, even compared to some other concentrates like wax. Consumers love this because the intense smoking experience carries with it the promise of a powerful effect. Shortly after smoking, people start to feel strong benefits from the high levels of both THC and CBD in shatter.

What is Wax?

Unique Characteristics of Wax

Much like shatter, wax is a BHO concentrate of cannabis flower. Wax is slightly easier to make than shatter and is also made at a lower temperature. Instead of the hard, glassy appearance of shatter, wax features more of a soft look and feel. The softness of wax makes it much easier to handle than shatter because the molecules are not so densely packed into a hard substance. This makes it preferable for many people, especially less experienced cannabis concentrate consumers, or people who don’t want to risk breaking their concentrate.

You cannot see through wax as you can with shatter, partially because the molecules are not as glass-like. The consistency can vary slightly, varying from being very smooth and buttery to being more crumbly. The softer nature of wax comes with a softer smoking experience, too. When inhaled after vaporization, wax does not hit the lungs quite as hard as shatter does. Despite their differences, both shatter and wax can be used similarly. Both provide more immediate and powerful effects, and they offer the same level of potency.

What Makes the Best Shatter and Wax?

The best shatter is any product that can deliver all of the aspects the end customer desires. It should look beautiful and should be fun to handle. Most importantly, it should be pure, potent, and consistent. While many consumers are especially concerned with potency and purity, the consistency is not to be overlooked. Poorly made concentrates do not give a reliable experience, and can even be dangerous to consume if leftover butane remains in the product. That’s why it’s especially important to purchase from a reliable manufacturer.

The refined process of making BHOs makes it easy to determine just how powerful a specific shatter or wax is, which allows customers to select the most premium product available. All reputable concentrates are strong, but discerning cannabis connoisseurs are always looking to find the next level of purity. Depending on potency and consistency, the best shatters and waxes in the industry can sell for much more than some of their less impressive competitors.

Best Concentrate Suppliers in Colorado

We at Chronic Creations are passionate about creating and selling the finest shatter and wax in the state. We appreciate both the art and the science of growing and refining excellent cannabis. Our products are effective, beautiful, and priced to create the highest possible profits for dispensaries. Contact us to learn more about what makes our wax and shatter unique and how you can purchase it to delight even your most selective customers.

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