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Wax, Shatter and Live Resin source material are all grown in house and with select long term industry partners to ensure quality and consistency in everything we produce. From extraction to finished product, our highly skilled lab staff take every step possible to give you only the very best cannabis concentrate.

Dispensaries are seeing higher and higher shares of their business come from concentrates. As cannabis consumers get more discerning, it will be these products that set some dispensaries apart as being at the top of the heap. Chronic Creations supplies Colorado dispensaries with the best cannabis concentrates available. Learn more about how our fine-tuned process yields pure, flavorful, and powerful concentrates that will keep your customers coming back time after time.

Our Extraction Process

The road to superior concentrates starts with the right flower. We grow cannabis in-house to ensure quality and rely on only the most trustworthy long-term industry partners. Our extraction equipment is state of the art, and our factory is BHO and PHO certified. We extract oil and purge all residuals before testing for butane, contaminants, and potency to ensure a pure and strong final product. The final step to the process, once quality has been confirmed, is to package the concentrates for dispensaries and their customers. Our products are clearly labeled to help end consumers choose their own experience by selecting indica or sativa.

Wax is one of the first concentrates that got popular in the industry. Whether you’re looking for something smooth and buttery or dry and crumbly, Chronic Creations can supply you with a beautiful and effective product. The terpene levels in all of our cannabis wax products have been well preserved so consumers receive a smooth smoking experience and a powerful effect. As customers get more and more interested in consuming wax, ours can help you set your dispensary apart from the competition.

The process of extracting live resin is relatively new, and we at Chronic Creations have developed ours to be as effective as possible. Customers are still discovering how wonderful this product is, and a dispensary can set itself apart by having premium live resin in stock. Our state of the art extraction process for live resin is a little bit different than how it is for other concentrates, which helps create the unique experience live resin offers.

By avoiding heat, we help preserve terpenes and flavors from the original flower. Freshly frozen plant material locks in active ingredients as well as fragrances. The low-heat extraction process furthers that effort and the complicated process more than pays off in the final product. The flavor and fragrance are much more like actual cannabis flower than any other concentrate available. Of course, it also offers a powerful effect that makes people seek out these products in the first place.

Shatter is another one of the most popular cannabis concentrates in Colorado. Customers love our shatter because of how smooth and shiny it looks. The beautiful amber experience gets consumers excited even before their first taste. The taste is crisp and clear, and the smoke is smooth. The flavorful taste is secondary only to the powerful experience that follows it. Experienced connoisseurs are starting to get more selective about how they procure shatter, and Chronic Creations is leading the charge to produce a purer product.

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As the cannabis industry evolves, offering the best strains is only half the battle for dispensaries. Customers also want to experiment with and experience pure and powerful concentrates, and the search is on to find the best products. Chronic Creations is enthusiastic about the product, the process, and the industry itself, which drives us to create the highest quality and consistency. Dispensaries can rely on us for the purest and most effective concentrates in Colorado. Contact us to learn more about what makes our products special, and what you can do to supply them for your customers.

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