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Cannabis concentrates are more popular than ever as consumers look for the purest, strongest, and most effective products. Live resin is especially popular because of its high terpene levels that lead to a great taste and fragrance. It’s an unparalleled experience for the cannabis enthusiast, and customers are constantly looking for dispensaries with the best live resin around.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that starts with freezing freshly harvested flower. The flower is protected from heat, light, and other factors that might be harmful to its level of terpenes. The plant is kept at freezing temperatures throughout the entire extraction process. This revolutionary extraction process is new relative to most of the cannabis industry, as it originated between 2011 and 2013 by cannabis visionaries who wanted to preserve terpenes.

How is Live Resin Different From Other Concentrates?

Live Resin is becoming more popular than other concentrates among some cannabis enthusiasts because of its superior smell and flavor. Since it’s never cured, extraction of live resin doesn’t subject the flower to harsh conditions that can erode the terpene levels. Terpenes are the oils in cannabis that are associated with smell and flavor. Although live resin doesn’t necessarily have higher THC or CBD potency than other concentrates, the aromatic essence and taste are more sophisticated. Elevated terpene levels make everything more pronounced for the consumer. People who enjoy the flavor and taste of cannabis, as well as the effect, are the most regular consumers of live resin.

The ability to avoid temperatures at which essential oils might evaporate is one of the biggest differences between live resin extraction and other concentrating processes. The live resin extraction process never goes above an average room temperature of about 65° to 70° Fahrenheit. Compare that to other concentrates that might be purged at temperatures well over 100°.

How is Live Resin Made?

Part of the reason live resin is in such high demand is that it can be difficult to make properly. Safe and efficient extraction requires specific knowledge, complete adherence to safety precautions, and precise equipment. Skilled technicians flash freeze freshly harvested cannabis using precise temperatures. The solvent is cooled to -40° Fahrenheit, then introduced to the frozen plant material to create a solution.

At this stage, technicians raise the temperature of the solution slightly. The temperature is raised just enough to vaporize the solvent without damaging the terpenes. This step requires great precision because the gaseous solvent must be completely removed for the product to be pure. A vacuum purges the undesired gas at low temperatures to preserve essential oils.

Why Dispensaries Should Have Live Resin

The primary reason dispensaries should have live resin is that their customers want it. People are seeking it out for multiple reasons:

  • Its relatively recent arrival to the community makes it a new and exciting experience
  • The revolutionary extraction process leads to higher terpene levels
  • Increased flavor and aroma makes consumption more true to the natural flower
  • THC and CBD levels are consistent with other concentrates

The popularity and a relative scarcity of live resin create higher demand than there is for other CBD concentrates. Dispensaries often charge more for this particular concentrate. The higher price is more than worth it for consumers who love this product.

Best Live Resin for Dispensaries

Chronic Creations is proud to offer superior live resin to our clients. Our live resin extraction process uses premium freshly frozen material and a focus on terpene preservation. Our full spectrum extraction ensures a quality experience for the end consumer. When you keep this caliber of live resin in stock, your customers will return to your dispensary again and again. Contact us today to learn how you can take your inventory to the next level.

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