THCA Diamonds

THCA diamonds are one of the newest innovations in the cannabis industry, and they’re getting a lot of attention from consumers. They’re the current leader to present the strongest concentrate possible. This ultra-processed form of cannabis is refined until it hits levels of over 99% pure THCA. THCA has no psychoactive effect if a consumer eats it, and turns into nearly straight THC upon being smoked or dabbed. When it comes to raw power, diamond concentrates are much more effective than even wax, shatter, and live resin.

Why Are THCA Diamonds So Popular?

The most obvious reason customers are rushing to buy diamonds is because they’re the strongest thing available. In the age-old argument about whose flower is stronger, THCA diamonds are the ultimate trump card. Some consumers just want to have the most powerful experience possible, while others love diamond concentrates because of the way they lend themselves to extremely precise doses.

An additional benefit for some is that diamonds have very little taste or smell. The complete purity of THC doesn’t leave much room for essential oils or terpenes, which is what gives cannabis its aroma. Consumers might love the lack of scent for one of two main reasons:

  • They enjoy the effects of cannabis but don’t necessarily love the taste of it.
  • They want to consume cannabis discreetly, so they prefer to go without the signature pungent smell that people associate with the flower.

How Are THCA Diamonds Made?

The process of mining for THCA diamonds starts with powerful resin. Just as the best cannabis makes the best resin, the best resin leads to superior THCA. Solvent gas extracts resin from cannabis flowers and then is purged away at very low heat. The remaining solution is set aside to separate in containers. As the terpenes lift off into an oily layer at the top of the container, solid crystals begin to form in stacks at the bottom of the container. Cannabis technicians gather as many crystals as they can, then pour the essential oils off.

The terp sauce and the crystals can go through the final purge separately to allow for more precise treatment of each. Both components are purified of undesirable and harmful gasses while retaining their purity. At this point, both the terpene solution and the crystals are ready for consumption.

The two components can be recombined to create a unique experience for cannabis consumers. Alternatively, they can be consumed individually. The terpenes retain some of their cannabinoids, which means they will still have a fairly powerful effect (and tons of flavor) when dabbed. If THCA crystals are to be kept separate from the terp sauce, they can go through even more washing. The end result is a pure product with almost no trace of any solvents.

Why Dispensaries Should Have THCA Diamonds Concentrates

The quickly growing popularity of this product is creating a growing demand, and some dispensaries can’t supply it to their customers. The lack of balance between supply and demand allows dispensaries with diamond concentrates to charge more for this concentrate and win customers from their competitors. When the dispensary is profitable and the customers are satisfied, everyone is happy.

Choose Chronic Creations for Your Concentrates

We at Chronic Creations use our expertise in concentrate extraction and some state of the art equipment to create pure, safe, consistent diamond concentrates. Our mission is to provide the strongest, purest, and most exciting cannabis products available. Contact us to learn more about our THCA diamond concentrates and how you can get them in stock at your dispensary. Your customers will be blown away by this new product, and you’ll cement your brand’s position as an innovative dispensary.


Image: Martin Clifford

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