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The Colorado cannabis industry is booming, and that means there are new dispensaries opening all the time. If you’re wondering how to open a dispensary in Colorado, or how to compete with your new neighbor, the solution is to have the best products. Chronic Creations processes cannabis for licensed Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado.

We aim high and want to exceed your expectations for what hash oil products should be. We’re so confident in our ability to process cannabis material that we offer free consultations for interested parties. Learn more about our concentrate process to see the benefit of becoming one of our clients.

Services for Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado

Our clients expect the best quality of service when they deal with Chronic Creations, and we aim to deliver in five different categories.

  • Free Consultations – We offer a free consultation as well as feedback after the process. These services help our clients get the most out of their starting product and optimize their trim management processes. We’ll happily provide your staff with all the training they need to handle product in line with current best practices. The best hash oil products start with better cannabis material, and we can help you improve quality before we transform it into the final product. We even coach your team on how to sell hash oil products successfully.
  • Quality Control for Hash Oil Products – We treat your product with all the care and attention to detail we give our own. Everything we handle goes through multiple steps of quality control by skilled and educated lab technicians. Only the cleanest, purest, most potent hash oil products pass the test.
  • Packaging for Cannabis Products – We understand that packaging is a big part of this business. It protects the product, and it can also help drive sales. We’re constantly making changes to keep our packaging ahead of the game, and you can expect more innovation in 2019 and beyond.
  • 14-Day Turnaround for Hash Oil Products – Time is money, and we’re committed to helping your business thrive. We eliminate bottlenecks in our process to reduce the downtime where the product is sitting around. In addition to streamlining the supply chain management aspect of the business, we’re entirely conscious of a product’s shelf life. We use plants at the peak of their freshness to harness all of their best qualities. The result is a product with maximum flavor and potency.
  • Detailed Notes on Cannabis Material and Hash Oil Processing – Our goal is to create a lasting partnership with every single client. We’re constantly educating ourselves with new information, and we share that knowledge. You and your staff will receive clear, detailed notes about your material, how it performed, and how we can improve the final product together.

Client expectations

free consultation

Chronic Creations offers free consultation and post processing feedback to help you optimize product and trim management. Chronic Creations provides staff training on best practices for handling product, and best practices of selling hash oil products.

14 day turnaround

We do not allow our material or yours to sit around waiting to be processed. We capture all of the wonderful plant qualities at peak freshness in order to preserve flavor and potency.

Multi-step QC measures

We treat your product the exact same as we treat our own product. All products go through a multi-step quality control process by our skilled lab technicians to ensure the most clean, potent oil product.

detailed notes on your material and processing

We believe in education and sharing knowledge. You will receive detailed notes and feedback on your material, how it ran and feedback for any areas of improvement.

innovative packaging

Your product will be packaged in the exact same way as we package our product. Continue to innovate with big changes in 2017.


Why choose chronic creations?

The Chronic Creations advantage ultimately comes down to a willingness to treat your product as if it were our own. We give it the utmost care and attention because we expect and demand the very best results. We keep you informed by providing feedback at every step of the way as we run your material, working as active partners instead of outsourced contractors.

We only process for registered growers. We won’t even accept material if it can’t be processed into concentrates within a reasonable time frame. If we need five additional days for remediated material, we’ll let you know that up front too. Our sterling reputation and mutual success is more important than winning new business, so our entire focus is on creating an honest, transparent, and superior process. This approach, combined with our excellent staff state of the art and technology, yields clean and consistent products.

Pricing is customized for every client to ensure accuracy. It depends on material type, total volume, and the number of runs. Contact us through the form below to receive a prompt quote.

  • We process your material as if it was our own, with the utmost care and attention.
  • We provide detailed feedback throughout the process of running your material.
  • We are process validated. Our tech and process have been proven to provide a completely clean and consistent product.
  • We do not take material that cannot be run in a reasonable time frame. With remediated material, please add 5 additional days to the testing process.

additional information:

  • Chronic Creations transforms your quality material into quality product. If you are interested in improving the quality of and managing your trim, we are happy to provide you with a consultation.
  • We do not process for Non-registered growers.
  • Pricing is customized based on material type, total volume and number of runs. Contact us using the form below for a quote.

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We here at Chronic Creations would like to thank our dispensary partners! From adapting to quickly changing regulations to implementing outstanding safety protocols, you are all truly amazing!

Chronic Creations is taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees and partners. We are regularly washing our hands, wearing gloves, and actively encouraging social distancing.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!