How to Store Cannabis

One of the biggest reasons cannabis concentrates are becoming so popular is that they’re incredibly powerful even compared to the strongest flower. Since these extracts are so potent, a little bit goes a long way, and your supply will likely last you for a long time. Customers flock to dispensaries with the best selection of premium cannabis concentrates, so it’s definitely important to keep a full stock. Properly storing these concentrates will help them last longer while preserving flavor and potency.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Now that the cannabis industry is taking off, there are new types of concentrates exploding onto the scene. THCA diamonds have joined live resin, shatter, and wax as some of the most popular options among consumers who enjoy extracts. The good news is that all of these concentrates have fairly similar requirements as far as how they should be stored. For example, hard shatters are more durable than live resin, because terpenes are one of the first components to get damaged.

While some are more durable than others, all cannabis concentrates can be damaged by light, heat, moisture, and excessive air exposure. Beyond limiting exposure to the elements, it’s critical to get an appropriate container for them. Leaving concentrates out can let them get contaminated by the environment or bugs, and they may even develop mildew or mold. These risks become more severe with the passage of time, but proper storage can help preserve the product.

Best Containers for Storing Cannabis Concentrates

Consumers can store concentrates in silicone-free parchment paper for shatter and glass containers when dealing with terpy live resins. We advise against silicone containers because terpenes are solvents and even the slightest amount in shatters can break apart the silicone chains and leach the chains into your concentrates. Wrapping the product in parchment paper offers another layer of protection, and will also help take up space to limit air inside the container.

How Long Can You Store Cannabis Concentrates?

Some concentrates that are not stored can go bad within days. Over a more extended time, even stored concentrates will start to lose potency. Some experts believe cannabis products lose about 17% of their potency for every year they’re stored at room temperature. The appearance and taste will likely suffer within six months or less.

How to Store Wax, Shatter, and Other Concentrates in a Freezer

Freezing isn’t an ideal storage solution, but it can help concentrates last longer– up to a year without significant changes. Risks include freezer burn and moisture damage, but an air-tight seal in multiple layers of packaging can help. Thaw slowly and completely before opening to help keep moisture at bay.

Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado

Now you’ll be able to give your clients an informed answer when they ask how to store shatter and other concentrates. The consumer’s best bet is to buy small amounts and make purchases more frequently– that way they don’t have to worry so much about freshness. For optimal quality, consumers shouldn’t stock up on more than a one-month supply.

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Image Credit: Roxana Gonzalez