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Concentrates are becoming more popular at a rapid pace, and will likely surpass flower as the most popular way to consume cannabis within the next few years. Live resin is quickly gaining notoriety as a top form of cannabis concentrate as consumers and dispensaries alike search for the best live resin in Colorado. Learn more about this exciting trend to get a feeling for where the industry will head.

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of butane hash oil (BHO), as are shatter and wax. The big difference for live resin is that it’s made with fresh cannabis that’s frozen immediately after harvest. The entire process takes place at lower temperatures, which preserves more natural terpenes from the raw flower. Terpenes are associated with producing flavor and smell, and some also attribute the “entourage effect” to their presence.

Why Is Live Resin So Popular?

The benefits of terpenes are a hot topic within the cannabis community right now, which is one of the reasons live resin sales are skyrocketing. Compared to other concentrates, live resin has flavor and smell that are much more authentic to actual cannabis flower. Some people also suggest that the presence of more terpenes helps bring out more powerful effects than would be possible from pure THC alone.

Making Live Resin

Live resin does not involve the curing process. Additionally, the raw cannabis flower is kept at subcritical temperatures throughout the entire butane hash oil extraction process. The combination of those two innovative approaches makes live resin production more difficult than the process for other cannabis concentrates and requires more sophisticated equipment. The juice is worth the squeeze, though, because discerning cannabis enthusiasts appreciate the difference. Many dispensaries can sell live resin at a premium relative to other concentrates.

Can You Buy a Live Resin Cartridge?

Some people prefer to use dab rigs for their live resin because they enjoy the process and have all the correct tools to smoke this way. For others, though, convenience is a top priority. Live resin cartridges can work with vape pens for a flavorful dabbing experience on the go. Dab pens are especially popular in the current market for a few main reasons:

  • They’re simple to use – there’s no additional equipment required, and all the person has to do is push a button and inhale their vapor.
  • They go anywhere – a large dab rig is great for consuming concentrates at home, but they’re not easy to take with you on the go. Live resin vape pens can easily fit into a pocket, purse, or just about anywhere else.
  • They’re discreet – dab pens look just like e-cigarettes, so people can use them without attracting unwanted attention to themselves.

Live Resin from Chronic Creations

We at Chronic Creations are proud to make the most state of the art concentrates available in Colorado. Our products, including live resin, are made with innovative processes in high-tech labs to ensure a clean, potent, terpene-forward product. We believe that superior concentrates start with premium cannabis so our raw product is grown in-house with the most trusted industry experts.

The cannabis industry is booming in Colorado, and live resin is one of the hottest products on the market. Cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for products with better taste and more powerful effects, and concentrates are on track to surpass even flower sales within the next few years. Contact us today to learn more about our live resin and how it will delight customers of your dispensary.

Image Credit: Roxana Gonzalez