Chronic Creations Live Resin vs. Rosin

With so many great cannabis concentrates on the market, it can be hard to choose one. Sometimes it is challenging to know the differences between the variations of these high-THC cannabis products. That’s especially true in the case of rosin vs. live resin. Both extracts contain exceptionally high concentrations of THC, making them increasingly popular among adult cannabis customers and medical marijuana patients. Each of these cannabis concentrates has unique characteristics, and it is essential to know the differences so you can serve your customers better.


Live Resin


The process of making live resin uses fresh frozen cannabis flower buds to provide customers with a more potent and flavorful product that retains much of its original terpene profile. The extraction procedure utilizes solvents, such as carbon dioxide or ethanol to provide a more natural plant experience.




People enjoy live resin for its delicious flavor and high THC concentration. It is gaining popularity among cannabis connoisseurs as one of the best-tasting concentrates on the market. Manufacturers produce resins through a unique process designed to preserve more of the terpenes responsible for giving cannabis its flavor and aroma. This method allows the live resin to deliver much of the essence of pure cannabis.




Live resin is difficult to produce. Only trained lab technicians with professional-grade equipment can make this product efficiently. Technicians make this popular new product from freshly harvested cannabis that is then flash-frozen at nearly -300°F. From there, the entire extraction process takes place at low temperatures that do not burn the terpenes off the plant. When discussing rosin vs. live resin, a critical difference is that people make rosin without passing plant material through a solvent.




Live resin is a high-end product that has various forms and colors. The type of strain used to make the concentrate affects the characteristics of the final product. These resins have more significant amounts of essential oils, making them softer and more malleable than other concentrates. The most common forms include:


  • Badder/budder: Looks like yellow or brown cookie dough or cake frosting
  • Sugar: Has the appearance of honey with a sugar-like consistency and potent smell
  • Sauce: Consists of amber-colored liquid with transparent crystals
  • Sap: Has a sticky, runny, and viscous texture like tree sap


PHO Concentrates


Propane Hash Oil (PHO) concentrates are produced with an extraction process that uses propane as the solvent. The process is very similar to Butane Hash Oil (BHO) extraction, with the main difference being the substitution of propane for butane. Using propane allows cannabis concentrate producers at Chronic Creations to run the extraction at higher pressures. Thanks to the increase in temperature, PHO concentrates often have fewer undesired residues and higher levels of terpenes, which yields a more pleasant and authentic cannabis taste.


Another reason PHO concentrates are so renowned for their taste is that propane has a lower boiling point than butane. That means the solvent can be purged from the cannabis extract without heating it up so much, so fewer terpenes are burned off in the process. PHO concentrates normally have a buttery consistency, though it’s also possible to make other kinds of extracts this way. Learn more about PHO concentrates from the best concentrate producer in Colorado.




Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate made using only heat and pressure. Some people try to use kief, hash, or flower in a hair straightener to make resin in their own homes. These homemade extractions are typically lower in quality than the rosin found in dispensaries. Consumers get a better experience when they purchase rosins made by Colorado’s best cannabis extraction companies.




When discussing rosin vs. resin, it is essential to know there are two types of rosin: regular and live. Producers create both types without solvents, but regular rosin comes from dried flowers. However, by freezing the marijuana flowers after harvesting, technicians make live rosin a more flavorful final product. When comparing the flavors of rosin vs. live resin, note that the drying process used to make regular rosin degrades the cannabinoids and terpenes, resulting in a less fresh flavor profile.




People make cannabis rosin by exposing parts of the plant to high heat and pressure, separating the resin. The use of solvents during the extraction process is a critical difference when comparing live resin vs. rosin. Rosin is popular for consumers looking for a more natural concentrate, as the production method does not use any solvents. Producers must remove the chemicals used to make live resin before consumption. However, there is no need to remove anything from a rosin solution to make it ready for use.




The use of pressure and heat without solvents allow rosin to retain more of the cannabis plant’s natural properties, maintaining the essence of the cannabinoids and other organic compounds. Consumers can get the full-plant rosin experience in several ways, such as:


  • Vape cartridges
  • Dabs
  • Edibles


Live Resin vs. Rosin


These concentrates differ in purity, extraction methods, and THC levels. However, they both produce flavorful, high-end products with significant percentages of THC. When looking at rosin vs. live resin, you will find the primary differences in the production processes. Rosin uses heat and pressure to extract compounds, whereas live resin uses solvents. Producers make live resin and live rosin from flash-frozen marijuana buds, while they make rosin from dried cannabis flowers.


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