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The cannabis industry gives consumers more options than they’ve had at any other time in history. First, cultivators started finding ways to grow strains with even higher levels of THC, setting a new standard for premium cannabis. Next, leaders in the industry started finding ways to produce a wide variety of concentrates with methods like BHO extraction. Now, we’ve reached the exciting point where we’re able to make high-THC cannabis concentrates even better. To understand what compels consumers to be loyal to their favorite concentrates, it’s important to know the difference between methods like nug run & trim run.

What Is Trim Run?

Trim run concentrates are produced using leaves and other material that has been removed from harvested cannabis plants. The most desirable trim cuttings are those sugar leaves that grow among the flowering buds and are coated with trichomes. Any part of the plant that contains trichomes (and therefore cannabinoids and terpenes) can be turned into a cannabis concentrate. Processes like butane hash oil extraction can separate the desirable compounds from this plant material that would otherwise go unused. As such, trim run is popular because it’s seen as a way to use more of the cannabis plant, reduce waste, and turn something that might be discarded into a viable product.

What Is Nug Run?

Unlike trim run, nug run cannabis concentrates uses only the bud from the cannabis flower. Since the extraction process doesn’t involve leaves and stems, the original source material is already starting with higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. The actual extraction process is similar for nug run and trim run, and the only key difference is the actual material from which the cannabis concentrate is produced.

Is Nug Run Better Than Trim Run?

The answer to the nug run vs trim run question is somewhat subjective, but most cannabis connoisseurs seem to agree that nug run concentrates are superior to trim run. It’s easy to see how starting with high-THC cannabis flower will lead to a concentrate that’s better than one made with stems and leaves. Interestingly enough, though, the THC potency is normally consistent across nug run and trim run products depending on the extraction process. Cannabis concentrate enthusiasts normally choose nug run because of its taste and smell more than anything else.

Nug run concentrates normally smell superior because they’re made using a source product that naturally has much higher levels of terpenes. This is especially important for concentrates like live resin that are beloved for their ability to preserve the essence and aroma of natural cannabis flower. Trim run concentrates just won’t be able to achieve the same pungent and complex scents.

The same is true for taste. Nug run cannabis concentrates taste more like terpenes, while trim run concentrates taste more like chlorophyll. People who want to taste a premium strain of cannabis instead of a generic plant flavor will gravitate toward nug run concentrates. Many also say that nug run offers a superior texture to go with its enhanced flavor, making it smoother for the throat and lungs. Some still prefer to save money by choosing trim run.

The Best Cannabis Concentrates at Chronic Creations

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