One of the great things about working with the best cannabis concentrate companies in Colorado is that you can have products made to order. We’re proud of what we’ve created with our Apricot Moonshine live resin, and customers throughout the state seem to be enjoying it as well. This particular phenotype of the Apricot Moonshine strain has a sweet and complex flavor profile that translates extremely well to a terpene-rich cannabis concentrate like live resin.

Apricot Moonshine Strain

Apricot Moonshine is a relatively new strain created by crossing Apple Cider and Legend Orange Apricot F2. Legend Orange Apricot is a recent development itself, but it’s already becoming popular because of its pleasant taste, striking appearance, and balanced hybrid effects. It’s characterized by citrus flavor, bright red hairs, and experiences that both are uplifting and relaxing at the same time.

Apple Cider is popular among cannabis breeders because of its premium genetics. It’s a three-way mix of Sour Diesel, Chemdog D, and Alien Sour Apple. It leans slightly to the sativa side of things, but with just enough indica influence to boost resin production and inspire a sense of hazy relaxation. The complex terpene profile brings notes of spice mixed in with sour gasoline.

Compound Genetics combined these two premium cannabis strains to create something truly special in Apricot Moonshine. They even helped us select a specific phenotype that radiates a distinct scent and lives up to its name. Notes of apricot deliver a good deal of sweetness upfront, then there’s a bite of the fermented apple on the followthrough. When the plant’s flavor and aroma are this special, no other type of cannabis concentrate beside live resin will do.

Why Choose Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of butane hash oil (BHO), which is actually the most common type of cannabis concentrate right now. Wax and shatter are also normally produced using butane as a solvent. The extraction process for making live resin is slightly more complicated than it is for other BHOs, but the Apricot Moonshine is definitely worth the squeeze.

Before extracting live resin concentrates, the fresh plant material is flash-frozen by lowering the temperature quickly and precisely, typically with dry ice. Throughout the entire extraction process, technicians keep the temperature low to preserve terpene levels. Terpenes are basically like the essential oils in cannabis, and they burn off at lower temperatures than cannabinoids do.

While wax and shatter offer dense collections of cannabinoids, they don’t preserve nearly as much flavor because of how hot the extracted solutions become. For live resin, on the other hand, the butane solvent is cooled to -40°F before being passed through the frozen cannabis plant material.

Temperature control is critically important when purging the live resin of the solvent. All of the butane must be purged to make the product pure and safe, but it must be done at low temperatures to avoid damaging terpenes. Our Apricot Moonshine live resin smells and tastes so good because the plant’s essence has been carefully preserved by keeping terpenes at subcritical temperatures.

Apricot Moonshine Live Resin from Chronic Creations

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