Falcon Berry is an unfamiliar strain to most, and by reading our guide below, you’ll learn:

  • Falcon Berry contains the characteristics of its two parent strains: Falcon 9 and Faygo Red Pop
  • This means that the experience often starts with a euphoric head high that turns into a pleasurable body high.

At Chronic Creations, we’re proud to offer our newest product: THC isolate. This product is processed similarly to other concentrate products but doesn’t require a secondary wash. Instead, we use a completely mechanical process to separate terpenes from the THC. This results in a product that tests at over 90% THC. For anyone looking for an intense THC experience, this isolate should mark the end of your search.

One of our first THC isolates we’re offering comes from the Falcon Berry strain. This cannabis strain shares some of the characteristics of its two parent strains: Falcon 9 and Faygo Red Pop. While Falcon Berry is fairly new to the market, we believe it can soon become a favorite among cannabis consumers.

Parent Strain: Falcon 9

Falcon 9 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s favored by indica lovers wherever it’s available. Known of vibrant dark purple color that’s accented by strands of orange pistils, Falcon 9 tends to offer a sweet and sour flavor profile that includes notes of orange and lemon. When you exhale, you should also notice an earthy spiciness.

Consumers report that the effects of Falcon 9 start in the head, with a numbing tingle that begins behind the eyes then slowly melts throughout the rest of the body. This has left Falcon 9 consumers feeling content and relaxed yet sociable.

Due to these effects, people suffering from depression, pain, PTSD, and stress are among those who prefer Falcon 9 when they consume cannabis. Some consumers, though, note that this strain often leaves them with dry mouth.

Parent Strain: Faygo Red Pop

Faygo Red Pop is known for its taste, which resembles the soda for which it’s named. The strain is straight split between indica and sativa. However, the effects make it feel as if it’s a more indica-dominant strain.

The flavor profile of Faygo Red Pop includes strong notes of sweet apples and berries that tend to linger on the palate. Its aroma also exists along the fruity-citrus line but includes strong vibes of spice and earthiness.

Red Pop is often identified due to its large bud size. Its forest green color is intense and contains thick strands of orange hairs. The buds are coated with huge specks of white trichomes, which help to indicate their quality.

Consuming Faygo Red Pop results in an initial burst of euphoria that coaxes creativity and motivation. This soon transforms into a body high that includes a heavy couch lock. Faygo Red Pop consumers often include those dealing with anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

Falcon Berry Effects

The effects of Falcon Berry are a mix of its two parental strains. Most people first feel a tingling in their head or behind their eyes that feels uplifting. Soon afterward, the experience converts into a heavy body high that may include bouts of couch-lock. Generally, the experience throughout is pleasurable, and while focus may switch on and off, most consumers enjoy the effects whole-heartedly.

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