Cannabis concentrates are quickly becoming some of the most popular products at dispensaries, and their sales may even surpass the sales of cannabis flower within the next few years. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why dispensaries will need the best cannabis concentrates in Colorado if they want to earn repeat business from their recreational customer and medical marijuana patients. Cannabis connoisseurs are always looking for superior concentrates, and offering them is one of the best ways to improve a dispensary reputation.

HarleSin is one of the best strains for cannabis concentrates. Unlike so many of the other common strains currently on the market in Colorado, it helps it stand out from the crowd. This strain’s desirable qualities shine through even more when made into cannabis concentrates because the essence of the original plant material is amplified. Learn more about the concentrates made with this strain to determine if it’s what your dispensary needs to generate more business.

HarleSin Strain Origins

If you’re already familiar with high-CBD cannabis strains, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the Harlequin strain. It’s one of the most popular strains for medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis consumers who want some CBD because so many other Colorado strains contain lots of THC but only negligible amounts of CBD. Thanks to continued breeding efforts, the best get better.

Harlequin has been crossed with the Cannatonic strain to create HarleSin. Cannatonic is another strain with high levels of CBD, so it’s a perfect partner for Harlequin. The resulting HarleSin strain offers an excellent ratio of both CBD and THC. Expect this to become a leading strain for people who want both of the two popular cannabinoids.

HarleSin Smell, Taste, and Appearance

When you first look at HarleSin buds, you might not realize how different they are from most other common strains in Colorado. Just like all of the high-THC strains that fill up dispensary shelves, HarleSin shows a vibrant green color and a generous dusting of shiny trichomes. The smell and taste are classic: earthy and musky with just a hint of tropical fruits. HarleSin has the smell, taste, and appearance we’ve come to expect from other premium strains, but it’s the effects that set it apart.

HarleSin Effects

Each plant’s actual terpene profile and cannabinoid levels will vary depending on the seeds’ source and how they were grown. That said, HarleSin typically has about twice as much CBD as it does THC. This, combined with a terpene profile associated with uplifting effects, makes it especially desirable for daytime consumption. Since there’s less intoxicating THC in HarleSin, it’s not as debilitating. The high levels of CBD and relatively low THC levels are also said to help people avoid the paranoia they may feel with other strains.

Why Is HarleSin Good for Cannabis Concentrates?

Most of the cannabis concentrates you’ll find at Colorado dispensaries are loaded with THC, but they have almost no CBD (or possibly even no CBD whatsoever). That makes HarleSin cannabis concentrates unique. Some cannabis consumers want to enjoy concentrates while still getting some CBD and without the outrageous THC levels. HarleSin can be incredibly appealing to that crowd.

Cannabis Concentrates for Colorado Dispensaries

Here at Chronic Creations, we’ve mastered the creation of all types of cannabis concentrates. We’ve done it all, from wax and shatter to live resin and THCA diamonds. Now we’re tackling high-CBD concentrates by using strains like HarleSin. Contact us today to learn more!

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