Cannabis enthusiasts are always looking for the best new strains, and Spritzer certainly fits that description. It combines genetics from three premium strains, achieving a great mix of some of the best qualities from each. In addition, it offers excellent hybrid effects and a distinctive flavor profile, both of which are helping it earn rave reviews from those who have been lucky enough to try it. 

Spritzer Strain Origins

Spritzer has quite a pedigree. It starts with a cross of Runtz and a MAC strain. The result of that breeding is then crossed with the Grape Pie strain. MAC is a fairly balanced hybrid as it is, while Runtz has a reputation for being more energizing, and Grape Pie is considered to be a bit more on the calming side of things. 

All things considered, the combination of these three makes for a hybrid experience that truly offers the best of all possible worlds. Even the various tastes of these three parent strains seem like a match made in heaven. Each features some hints of sweetness and various fruit aromas, and the other flavors also complement each other which makes it the perfect strain for extraction and concentrates.

Spritzer Taste, Smell, and Appearance

If you have a sensitive enough nose and tongue, you may be able to pick up some prominent notes from all three of the primary strains that have gone into Spritzer. The first thing many people say is that there’s a pleasant sweetness to this strain, but not so much that it tastes unusual or becomes cloying. Much of that sweetness seems tied to juicy notes of citrus fruit, which makes sense considering the parent strains. Finally, cannabis connoisseurs often report that the flavor profile of this strain is rounded out with some earthiness, which helps lend a bit more sophistication to the taste and smell.

The aroma of this strain will become more pronounced as you start to break up the buds. Take a good look before you do this, though, because this strain looks every bit as good as it tastes, smells, and feels. The buds are often fairly conical in shape, depending on how they’ve been handled, and they show off a wide range of green colors in addition to bright orange hairs and a generous dusting of shiny trichomes.

Spritzer Effects

Most people who have already enjoyed Spritzer can confirm that it does produce excellent hybrid effects. Most commonly, customers have reported that they feel relaxed yet uplifted at the same time. This general sense of euphoric happiness is ideal for nights relaxing at home, and it’s just as suitable for those days when there’s much to be done. This strain was cultivated for people who want to feel their stress melt away while still having a clear head that lets them enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Colorado Dispensaries Buy Spritzer from Chronic Creations

Here at Chronic Creations, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of Colorado’s cannabis industry. We’re committed to producing premium concentrates, for which we rely on the best strains of cannabis. Throughout the process of growing our own strains, we’ve been able to create excellent results like what you find from our Spritzer strain.

In a developed industry like the one we have here in Colorado, customers have many choices, and they expect the best. It takes top-shelf cannabis strains, and premium concentrates to attract new business and earn the loyalty of repeat customers. Contact Chronic Creations today to learn how you can stock your shelves with the best cannabis products in the state of Colorado.

Featured Image: MWesselPhoto/Shutterstock