Best Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are taking over the industry, and their rise to prominence continues into 2020. Recreational consumers and medical patients alike love these products because of the high levels of THC and terpenes they deliver. Some experts predict that the sales of concentrates will surpass flower sales within the next few years, making it the most popular cannabis product on the market. There is no shortage of dispensaries in Colorado, but customers return again and again to the locations with the best cannabis concentrates. Demand is especially high for live resin, shatter, wax, and THCA diamonds.

Live Resin

First and foremost, cannabis connoisseurs love live resin because of its fresh flavor profile. Having excellent live resin can set a dispensary apart and make sure customers think of it as a place they can go to get the most delicious cannabis concentrates. The authentic cannabis flavor and aroma are preserved by an extraction process that occurs at sub-critical temperatures. As soon as cannabis is harvested to produce live resin, it’s frozen to protect its terpenes.

Heat, light, and other environmental factors can have a negative effect on the flower’s terpene profile, so the plant material is kept cool for the duration of the process. The live resin process never uses temperatures that exceed normal room temperature of 65°F to 70°F. Other cannabis concentrates are often heated to temperatures well over 100°F during the purging process, which is why live resin is so much more flavorful.


Shatter gets its name because of its glassy appearance and how easy it is to shatter this concentrate like glass. The nature of this product makes it visually appealing because it looks a lot like amber or hard candy. The stiffness of this product requires that it be handled with care, and it can be a little bit harder to manipulate for consumers who aren’t experienced with shatter concentrates yet. People who regularly choose shatter appreciate that the molecular structure of shatter makes it more stable.

Since shatter is so stable, it has a longer shelf life. This is one of the best features of shatter for both dispensaries and consumers. The long-lasting nature of this cannabis concentrate allows businesses and individuals to buy larger quantities with more confidence. When you want to stock up on cannabis concentrates, shatter is likely the best choice, which may be part of the reason for its popularity. Shatter is still one of the highest-selling cannabis concentrates in 2022.


Wax and shatter are created using similar processes, so end results are similar in THC concentration and taste. Some of the primary differences are that wax is softer, can be produced at slightly lower temperatures, and is a little bit easier to make. Wax is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates among people who want something that’s easier to work with. Since wax has a soft look and feel, it’s easier to handle and there isn’t a high risk of accidentally breaking the concentrate.

The appearance and feel of wax can vary slightly depending on exactly how it was produced. Wetter wax concentrates are smooth and buttery in appearance, while those with a somewhat drier consistency will be more crumbly. Wax and shatter can both be consumed similarly. One of the reasons some people prefer wax over shatter is that they say it doesn’t hit the lungs as hard, making for a smoother smoking or vaping experience.

Diamond Concentrates

THCA diamonds are quickly becoming popular among cannabis enthusiasts. Some medical patients and recreational customers are extremely interested in finding the most concentrated products on the market. Just as having the flower with the highest THC content can make your dispensary stand out, so can having the most powerful cannabis concentrates. If your dispensary business prides itself on offering the most innovative and refined cannabis products, THCA diamonds are an absolute must-have.

To produce THCA diamonds, we start by making a powerful resin. We let the product separate as THCA crystals settle to the bottom and an oily layer of terpenes rises to the top. Once that happens, we can gather the THCA crystals and separate them from the terp sauce. As a result, THCA diamonds are known for being almost completely tasteless and odorless. This cannabis concentrate is innovative and exciting because it’s over 99% pure THCA.

Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado

At Chronic Creations, we have the experience and resources to produce the best concentrates for your cannabis dispensary. We’re committed to our mission to produce the strongest, purest, and most exciting cannabis concentrates on the market. Our team is experienced with every component of the supply chain, so contact us for a free consultation to see how we can get better concentrates on your shelves.