Cannabis Oil Extracts Terpene Rich Nug Run

The cannabis industry has been taking off, and the success enables concentrate producers to invest back in their business. When industry leaders put even more time, money, and effort into their work, the results get impressive in a hurry. Products like nug run cannabis concentrate represent some of the most exciting innovations in the business.

What Is a Nug Run?

Nug run is a special kind of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using only small nuggets from high-grade flower. Some other concentrates rely on cannabis trim product like leaves and stems, but the nug run label means a given product is made with only the most potent parts of the plant. The concentrate production has to spend more on their process, but as a result of this commitment to quality, their customers get superior concentrate fit for a true dab connoisseur.

Like with most extractions, nug run starts with some of the most powerful cannabis in the world. These premium plants are hand-trimmed to remove everything but the nugs themselves, and those nugs are extracted into a Butane Hash Oil (BHO). In other words, a complex chemical process uses butane to extract pure THC from the flower. The butane is carefully removed, leaving behind only a potent cannabis concentrate.

How Exactly Does Butane Hash Oil Extraction Work?

BHO concentrates start with tightly packed cannabis in a closed loop extractor. A butane tank is attached to the tube, and compressed butane slowly flows into the container and through the cannabis. This process forces hash oil out of the cannabis, and that oil flows through a filter to release all butane and get it out of the concentrate.

Is Nug Run Better?

Most concentrates on the market are made using butane hash oil extraction, similar to nug run. The difference is that nug run starts with a higher THC potency since less saturated parts of the cannabis plant have already been discarded. When you start with the best quality of cannabis and use only the best parts of the plant, the concentrate is a cut above.

The superior concentrate produced from only small, premium nugs can be called nug run or nectar. It has highly concentrated levels of THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Starting with a nug-only raw product has opened doors to great innovations.

What Is Diamond Concentrate?

Diamond concentrates, or THCA diamonds, are what happens when you take live resin and refine it even more. Experts allow the resin to separate into terpenes and solid THCA crystals, then carefully harvest those crystals. Upon smoking or dabbing, THCA turns into THC, so customers can see what it’s like to smoke the strongest concentrate imaginable.

Which Brands Make Diamond Concentrates?

Chronic Creations was one of the first companies in the world to make THCA cannabis concentrates. Their innovative process produces pure THC diamonds that have very little taste or smell, but lots of power. Consumers who want the strongest, purest, most state of the art cannabis product available will be delighted and amazed by these nug run BHO crystals.

Image Credit: 420MediaCo/Shutterstock