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The inclination of a dabber towards shatter, bubble hash, live resin, budder, crumble, rosin, and dry-sift are individualistic. With all the current interest in the field, every approach has a specialist doing some fantastic work. Although every product has its market, the facts about which hash or hash oil contains the most terpenes and the secrets underlying every product’s aroma are still intriguing to most people.


Whether one extract has more or fewer terpenes than the other, every cannabis extract is unique and deserves to be on the shelves. However, below are some of the notable concentrates on terpene quality.


Budder and shatter: .84 percent terpenes


Butane hash oil (BHO) of the budder variety has the most potent terpene concentration, at 0.846%, and next is BHO of the shatter kind with 0.842%. These two figures could inter-switch with individual margins of error, meaning they tie for the most terpenes.


Dry-sift non-solvent hash: .75 percent


The second level is a non-solvent dry-sift hash, with an overall score of 0.751% terpenes. Given that it does not involve any solvent, this form of extract possesses exceptionally high quantities of volatile compounds.


Live resin: .73 percent


Having 0.734% terpenes by composition, live resin ranks third. Because live resin extracts are from fresh, iced substances, they have a distinct aroma that is even more akin to fresh material. However, extraction from the uncured plants can be less efficient, causing the harvest to have a relatively low terpene substance compared to high-quality BHO produced from cured plants.


Crumble: .68 percent


Crumble ranks fourth for high terpene content, at 0.681% terpenes by weight. The porosity quality of crumble, which is like volcanic rock, enables terpenes to escape during storage and when purged with a vacuum.


Rosin: .66 percent


Rosin comes in fifth in terms of terpene content, with 0.662% terpenes in composition. It results from a magnificent solvent-free extraction process that can provide a sublime shatter under specific contexts. However, it needs considerable refinement to compete with BHO or dry-sift for pure terpene composition.


3 Common Terpenes Found in Concentrates


There are over 400 terpenes in cannabis, but specialists say only a few produce desired effects. Below are the three most common terpenes, along with their characteristics:




Myrcene is perhaps the most prevalent terpene, accounting for up to 50 percent of all terpenes in cannabis. It can be present in things like mango fruit, lemongrass, hops, or even eucalyptus, and it has a rich aroma typical in most marijuana plants.


Like many other cannabis components, Myrcene could aid in easing physical discomfort caused by conditions like osteoarthritis.




Experts say that this terpene aids with the absorption of other terpenes and offers relief for stomach pains and other physical discomforts from conditions like ulcers.




The compound linalool is associated with lavender’s distinct aroma. Linalool has prospective therapeutic value for easing body aches and discomfort, and promoting sleep. There are many more anecdotal claims for linalool helping those with fungal infections, especially those caused by the yeast infection, Candidiasis, but no studies confirm this.


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