Colorado Grow Company – Durango, CO

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965 1/2 Main Ave
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: (970) 259-1647

Hours: 9am-10pm Daily

Find Chronic Creations’ signature selection of premium cannabis concentrates for sale in Durango, CO, at Colorado Grow Company.

Shop Cannabis Concentrates in Durango at Colorado Grow Company

With hundreds of positive reviews and a five-star customer rating, the Colorado Grow Company is one of the top Colorado recreational dispensaries and a leader in the Durango cannabis community. Located in the heart of downtown on the city’s Main Avenue, this Durango dispensary offers a first-class selection in a welcoming, relaxing environment. Focusing on product quality and customer service, Colorado Grow Company has quickly become a favorite dispensary destination for recreational cannabis in Durango and the surrounding area.

With Chronic Creations cannabis concentrates as one of the highlights of their dispensary menu, Colorado Grow Company is putting the very best in expertly-crafted, terpene-forward concentrates within easier reach. Longtime Chronic Creations enthusiasts can now shop a series of exceptionally clean, potent concentrates in Durango, while other dispensary customers can discover the difference true quality can make.

Proven Quality, Consistency, and Potency Available at a Trusted Durango Dispensary

For consumers searching Chronic Creations concentrates for sale in Durango, the following options offer plenty of variety:

  • Chronic Creations wax
  • Chronic Creations shatter
  • Chronic Creations live resin

And because every Chronic Creations product undergoes strict quality control testing, only the purest, most potent concentrates earn a passing grade.

Find Chronic Creations Cannabis Concentrates for Sale in Durango

To browse the full selection of Chronic Creations concentrates available in Durango, check out the Colorado Grow Company’s current dispensary menu. Or, visit their top-rated dispensary to shop in person today!

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