Starbuds – Pueblo, CO

Location and Hours


4305 Thatcher Ave

Pueblo, CO 81005


(719) 696-8279


9am-11pm Monday – Saturday

9am-9pm Sunday

Pueblo, Colorado’s choice dispensary for Chronic Creations is Starbuds. Starbuds proudly offers high-quality cannabis concentrates from Chronic Creations. With a mutual passion for well-crafted cannabis. Connoisseurs in Pueblo looking for terpene forward technology know to trust Chronic Creations. Our concentrates are at the forefront of the cannabis industry. Quality is homegrown, and we know that customers in Pueblo care about where their cannabis is sourced. Chronic Creations grows much of the source material in-house, choosing only select industry partners. Chronic Creations is proudly offered at the clean, inviting atmosphere of the Starbuds dispensary. We offer free consultations, backed by feedback, to ensure the staff is informed on our latest products and practices. Chronic Creations knows that the presentation matters. Our product packaging is as forward-thinking as our science, with an attention to aesthetics that will enhance any dispensary shelf. In addition to free consultations, Chronic Creations provides detailed notes on all of our products. We are passionate about educating our dispensary customers and know their customers appreciate transparent, honest, detailed information about our products.

Looking to find top-of-the-line, innovative concentrates from Chronic Creations in Colorado? Shop a selection of the cutting edge of concentrates at Starbuds on Thatcher Avenue.

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We here at Chronic Creations would like to thank our dispensary partners! From adapting to quickly changing regulations to implementing outstanding safety protocols, you are all truly amazing!

Chronic Creations is taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees and partners. We are regularly washing our hands, wearing gloves, and actively encouraging social distancing.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support!