Verts – Fort Collins, CO

Why Choose Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

Get the best cannabis products in Colorado, served by the fantastic staff at Verts. They sell some of our high-quality concentrates such as shatter, wax, live resin and THC diamonds.

Shatter and Wax

Shatter and wax became popular shortly after Marijuana was legalized in Colorado. They are both made by extracting a potent extract from cannabis buds using a closed-loop butane extraction machine. Some clients mix up shatter, wax, and resin, but each is a different form of concentration. While all of the aforementioned are hash oil extracts, shatter and wax both have their own distinct aesthetic qualities and provide additional advantages.

Live Resin

Get live resin in Fort Collins, CO. This type of cannabis concentrate is made using a unique extraction technique that freezes freshly harvested cannabis before extraction and throughout the entire process.

THC Diamonds

Customers are flocking to buy diamonds for various reasons, the most obvious of which is that they are the most potent item accessible. THCA diamonds are the ultimate trump card in the age-old debate over which flower is more powerful. Some customers just want the most potent experience imaginable, while others like diamond concentrate because of the precision with which they may be dosed.

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We here at Chronic Creations would like to thank our dispensary partners! From adapting to quickly changing regulations to implementing outstanding safety protocols, you are all truly amazing!

Chronic Creations is taking the necessary steps to ensure a safe work environment for all of our employees and partners. We are regularly washing our hands, wearing gloves, and actively encouraging social distancing.

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