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What type of cannabis products are produced by Chronic Creations?

At Chronic Creations, we pride ourselves on producing only the most innovative and cutting-edge cannabis concentrate products from start to finish. We specialize in shatters, waxes, and live resins. All of our cannabis is grown in-house at the Chronic Creations facilities, so always know your finished products are coming directly from a trusted source.


Wax is one of the first forms of concentrates to gain widespread popularity in the cannabis industry. A wax features a soft look and feel, making this concentrate one of the easier products to handle. Whether you’re looking for something smooth and buttery or dry and crumbly, Chronic Creations has designed a range of beautiful and effective wax concentrate products. We focus on preserving the highest possible terpene levels in all of our cannabis wax products. This ensures that our consumers receive a smooth experience, with, of course, a powerful effect.


Shatter also derives its glassy appearance that mimics its molecular makeup. As its name implies, this brittle product will literally shatter or break apart. Many are drawn to shatter for its unique aesthetic appearance. It boasts an amber, honey, or hard candy profile. More stable than wax due to its molecular composition, shatter retains a slightly longer shelf life. This is great for both customers and retailers, as shatter makes it easier to keep in stock.

Shatter is also known for delivering harder hits when vaporized, even compared to some other concentrates like wax. Consumers enjoy an intense smoking experience and its promisingly powerful effects felt shortly after inhalation.

Live Resin

Live Resin is a form of cannabis concentrate crafted from freezing freshly harvested flower. Protected from heat, light, and other factors that might be harmful to its level of terpenes, the flower is kept at freezing temperatures throughout the entire extraction process in order to preserve the greatest amount of terpenes.

Live Resin has increased dramatically in popularity among cannabis enthusiasts because it has never been cured, meaning the full flavor profile expressed by the terpenes is never compromised. This allows for a superior and sophisticated aromatic experience. Those who are connoisseurs of both the flavor and taste of cannabis, in addition to the potent effects, regularly prefer the experience of live resin.

Chronic Creation products are available in my state. Can you tell me which dispensaries sell your products?

Although not every dispensary carries Chronic Creations cannabis concentrate products, you know that you can trust the stores and locations that do Chronic Creations has made it our highest priority to only partner with our fully vetted and trusted dispensaries across Colorado.

In order to find the closest dispensary that carries Chronic Creations concentrates, use our convenient store locator map to narrow in your location. Click on a nearby store location marker to see more detail about each individual dispensary. It doesn’t matter where you are located in Colorado; know that you will never have to drive far for our top-quality and innovative cannabis concentrates.

If you would like to recommend a preferred dispensary, we will consider adding them to our list! To do this, simply contact our team at Chronic Creations.

How is your cannabis extracted?

  1. First, we use Certified Botanical Closed Loop Extraction equipment to transform the flower into oil. Note that the Cannabis Creations facility is BHO and PHO certified with state-of-the-art equipment. This means we bring you the best possible product in a safe manner.
  2. After we remove the oil from the extractor, purge any residuals are purged with an Across International Vacuum Oven. All of the product is then tested for the presence of residual butane and contaminants. We also verify its potency from a state-certified lab.
  3. The last part includes you! After we package each of our products, they are distributed to our trusted dispensary partners and available for your enjoyment. From sativa-dominant to indica-dominant wax and shatter, rest assured our premium quality concentrate will elevate your cannabis experience.

What is your turnaround for Hash Oil Products

At Chronic Creations, we understand that time is money. That is why we offer a 14-Day Turnaround for Hash Oil Products. We are committed to helping your business thrive by eliminating the bottlenecks in our process to reduce product downtime. The result is a product with maximum flavor and potency.

What are your quality control measures?

Everything we handle icurrs multiple stages of quality control performed by skilled and educated lab technicians, ensuring only the cleanest, purest, most potent hash oil products pass the test.

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If you have direct questions about our premium cannabis concentrates, you can contact our team at Chronic Creations.

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