Butane Hash Oil

Butane hash oil (BHO) extraction is responsible for the majority of cannabis concentrates in Colorado. Concentrate sales are on track to catch and surpass sales of raw cannabis within the next few years, which makes it more important than ever for dispensaries to offer excellent BHO products. Butane hash oil extraction can yield several different types of concentrates, including all of the following:

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Live Resin
  • THCA Diamonds

Butane Hash Oil Process

Depending on the specific type of concentrate desired, heat may be used in conjunction with butane to extract THC and terpenes from the raw cannabis flower. In the case of products like live resin, the process occurs at lower temperatures to preserve a more complete terpene profile for superior flavor and aroma. Pressurized butane releases cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and terpenes from cannabis flower to create a concentrated extract.

Once the cannabinoids have been released and collected, butane is removed from the solution to create a pure, clean product that’s safe for consumption. Inferior BHO products will have less flavor and potency, and may even be unsafe. For that reason, it’s critical for dispensaries to form partnerships with reliable concentrate producers.

Can You Get Butane Hash Oil Extractions With Your Own Flower?

Some concentrate producers only work with their own growers and suppliers, which gives dispensaries fewer options when purchasing BHO products. When a dispensary or other vendor wants to get concentrates made with their own products, they’ll have to work with a leading concentrate producer that allows for more flexible partnerships. The best butane hash oil producers in Colorado form lasting partnerships with their clients to streamline the process and create a superior product.

Turnaround Time for Butane Hash Oil Process

The turnaround time for hash oil products can vary widely depending on the concentrate producer. The best BHO manufacturers with experienced teams and state-of-the-art equipment can turn cannabis into concentrate within a couple of weeks. Here at Chronic Creations, we stick to a 14-day turnaround for all of our hash oil products. The reason for such a fast turnaround time is simple: time is money. Cannabis enthusiasts are more interested in concentrates than ever before, and it’s important for dispensaries to keep these products in stock.

To ensure a fast production time for BHO concentrates, the process must be streamlined. With an excellent supply chain management process, there are no bottlenecks that cause the product to sit around idly. This allows dispensaries to receive their concentrates more quickly, and it also helps maximize the product’s shelf life.

How Do I Choose a Partner for Butane Hash Oil Extraction?

A dispensary’s concentrate offering is a critical part of the business, so it’s important to supply high-quality products. Choosing a butane hash oil extraction partner is a big decision because it will directly affect the consistency of the dispensary’s access to premium cannabis concentrates. We offer free consultations to every potential client to ensure our process is a good fit for their business. We constantly share detailed notes and feedback with our clients, then work with you to further improve the quality of your finished BHO concentrates.

Butane Hash Oil Concentrates at Chronic Creations

We at Chronic Creations are proud to be your leading option for butane hash oil extraction in Colorado. We’ll treat your product as if it were our own, and work diligently to create the cleanest, most potent concentrates on the market. Contact us today to learn how we achieve superior flavor and performance.

Image Credit: Mitch M